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About Me

Hi, I'm Eva.

Nice to meet you!

How do I get to this?

I'm a mother and wife!
I'm a Marketer specialist, entrepreneur, coach, and writer, welcome to my life!

Over 7 years and continue, I have studied and developed my career as a Marketer Specialist, in love with writing and reading, be a coach.
I will not say it was easy, because it wasn't.

Seven years ago when I started, my first year was challenging, and very difficult, with many obstacles, and people who make your life impossible, everything, so that I would not be successful in my future. I understood the new world that we are leaving right now. Everything is about technology and data.

In the following years, I fell in love with the career I was creating and developing, so I worked harder to understand and help others.

Today my mission is to teach you and guide you on how to do the same in your life and be with you at each step of your career or business.

Because if I can do it, you can do it too,

Úhledný stůl

It's time to take a step forward.

Let me show you how!

Modern Workspace _edited.jpg


But Also,

I was very insecure and afraid about what people said about me or my work, giving me the expression word of You're not good enough, so I needed to always look for approbation from others, which I was wrong!

Can you relate to me?

It was exhausting. Probably you are too, you're very hard on yourself, and maybe you feel the same as I felt so many years ago.


So why do I decide to change and not let people tell me I'm not good enough?

Because I realize how courageous I am, what I am capable of, how big I can be, and how strong I'm.

Today, I teach business owners, educators, entrepreneurs, everyone, and YOU the reasonable steps to guide you to be a successful person or business.

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