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The reason so many new businesses fail? Expectation misalignment.

Seventy-five percent of businesses failed, many of them epicly. Of the thousands of companies founded every year, a mere fraction survive. And of those few remaining, only a tiny number will go on to produce a sizable and sustainable revenue stream year over year.

So, what separates a bankrupt startup from a million-dollar business? What does it take to move the needle in the positive direction?

Shh, Build in silence. Business owners like Alon Musk, and Bezos, LVMH Chair, said,

"Build in silence; they can't stop what they can't see,"

as his advice during an interview in the past three years.

"My No. 1 advice for entrepreneurs is to build in silence," Crews said. "A common mistake entrepreneurs make is that we get so excited about an idea or business venture we have, and we start sharing our vision with people around us and close to us. The bad part is that not everyone is meant to know your vision.

"I learned I shouldn't tell people my next move if I haven't made it yet. If people don't know what you're doing, they can't distract you or get in the way of your goal." According to marketers' advisers, by telling people what you're doing or what you're about to do, you're showing them your hand before you play it.

"I've had my share of ups and downs as well as any successful entrepreneur ." "One of the main reasons I was able to gain massive success in a short period is that no one knew what I was doing, and I had an amazing team that was on the same page as me."

Focus. Focus, focus. Along the same lines, realize, early on, that building anything successful will take years of intense focus. "Overnight success stories" exist only in fairy tales.

The reality of building a company, especially a successful one, is not what you see in the movies. The day-to-day life is much more in the weeds. You will be sending emails and pulling all-nighters. Doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

The hardest part is staying focused. There are infinite opportunities out there for you to take your talents and explore. You have to learn to say no to most things. Why? Because your time, as you will quickly realize, is your most valuable resource. You can always raise more money. You can always hire more people. But you cannot manufacture more time.

You have 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to get the most out of your company. Everyone is competing against you. If you are serious about growth, you must know how you spend your time and focus on what matters.

Welcome feedback. One of the most complex parts of being the person in charge of your company is taking responsibility for everything -- both the good and the bad. So feedback is tough to deal with, especially on the rough days when things are inevitably going south.

If you want to build a successful company, you have to do two things:

● Disassociate your personal feelings from the feedback you receive. To be successful, you cannot get offended when people criticize your work or strategy.

● Make sure the truth wins out.

By stagnating or dismissing the feedback they receive, founders often hinder the truth; they imbue their personal bias into the decision-making process. But for those businesses to be successful, they must win. So, as the founder, you must do whatever it takes to remove bias from your system so that you are constantly making decisions as cleanly and "bias-free" as possible.

Be ready to adapt.

Along the same lines, ego aside, know that the best founders are those able to adapt. Building a startup is a lot like a rollercoaster. For every up, there are likely three-to-four downs.

To achieve a million-dollar business, you will have to learn how to endure both the successes and the failures. There will come a day when everything looks terrible. Your employees will want to quit. Your investors will want their money back. And it is at this moment where the best founders shine. They adapt. They are obsessed with problems, not solutions, and can take out all bias and make the right decisions.

To build a successful company, you must be able to change. In a world changing so quickly, founders and their companies unable to adapt to change will fall far behind. Eva Mendelovich.

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