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Focus and Be More Productive

Focus and Be More Productive!

Priorities create prosperity in this blog, How to manage your most precious resources, time, and energy.

STOP! Before you make any more life decisions, there's someone you need to consult.

No, not your parents, friends, or neighbors. Not your boss, coworkers, mentors, or even your spouse. While everyone around you — in person and on your social feed — might happily share opinions about what you "should" or "shouldn't" do, only ONE person can genuinely guide you

The world has opinions. Future-You has answers.

See, we all have another self who is coexisting with this one. I think of it as my kinder, more expansive, more experienced, wiser, and higher Future Self.

I use it daily to connect with my higher self and get total clarity on anything.

So next time you're facing a decision, and you don't know what to do —

Should I move to Italy? Is it time to start my own business or take that promotion? Do I want to wear a blue shirt or the green one? What should I eat for lunch? Are they "the one"?

● Think in a calm and quiet place so that you can have your mind in peace

● Breathe and write down the positive and negatives ideas

● Don't rush to take any decision yet.

● When the time comes, you will have a fresh and better vision.

You won't have to worry or wonder any longer. These simple practices will help you unlock your inner wisdom, get total clarity, and make the best choice for you every time.

Remember, you have an incredible well of internal wisdom that is always available to you. Your job is to pause, ask, and listen.

(Any time you feel lost, confused, or unclear about how to move forward, use this exercise to guide you.)

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